House of Angels Foundation

Who We Are

Shaman is the inspired founder of House of Angels. Humble and dedicated, Shaman works tirelessly for positive transformation in the tradition of her teachers including Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama. She uses her intuitive gifts to help people of all walks of life overcome obstacles to find balance and meaning in life. Through Shaman’s insights, children are immediately understood on a deeper, spiritual level and connection is quickly established.

My dream since 2004 has not been to create a similar following, but to expand on helping people. I found my vision while traveling around the world, helping others, and being a part of missionary adventures.

My vision is to create wellness centers around the world to help those who have become lost from illness, depression, substance abuse, or just simply, confusion. I want to have all the natural elements aiding these people to connect with the Earth, water, and animals to heal themselves and bring forth joy.  But most importantly, help them find peace within themselves spiritually.

Many of us have become disconnected from the source which is God. God lives in all of us, and we are an example of God. So many are disconnected from the source and are not good examples. This is why people and children become hurt. Our mission is to be living angels to help the world become a better place through creating wellness centers around the world where people can reconnect to the source God, themselves, and with nature once again.

By reconnecting, we will be filled with such joy that it’ll be contagious to the world and create a huge light! The world has waited for something like this. So, join us in making miracles come true for the world today.