House of Angels Foundation


House of Angels uplifts children, empowering them to overcome significant obstacles, reach their potential, and thrive. Through our camps and wellness centers, children learn to overcome problems prevalent in modern society such as stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, negative thinking, limited self-perception, low self-esteem, and thoughts or acts of self-harming. Our programs offer children insights into their potential and provide them with tools to navigate the challenges they face and to reconnect with nature and the divine.

Sanctuary Camps

Sanctuary Camps help children build well-being, mental health, and self-love. At camp, children receive tools, knowledge and healing to help them find confidence and balance within themselves so they can function and thrive in today’s world. Children work in groups to understand the importance of community, kindness and collaboration. Through daily activities in nature and meditation practices, they learn that their lives are valuable, that they have a tremendous potential and purpose, and that they are not alone. Through camp a network of like-minded children is established to help support them after camp. Families are welcomed to participate in camp and wellness centers to support long-term well-being, growth and transformation.

We need financial support to run our camps and to continue to develop the facilities where they take place. Ongoing sustained financing is fundamental to our offerings. Camp maintenance, renovations, programs, outreach, fundraising, furnishing, etc are needed, the list goes on and on!

Wellness Centers

Our Wellness Centers are sanctuaries where people of all ages and walks of life can receive spiritual counseling and guidance and learn meditation practices. We help those who are seeking spiritual growth, coping with feeling lost and disconnected, or looking to grow their connection with God, themselves. The Centers support personal growth and access to a spiritual path and purpose.

Our goal is to have nondenominational Wellness Centers across the world so that all people regardless of their beliefs can access a safe place and the tools they need to find direction and purpose. We need your financial support to sustain and expand our offerings.

International Missions

Africa Mission

Africa Mission Minister Shaman, as the founder of the HOAF, traveled to rural parts of Africa to connect with small villages and provide aide. HOAF aided villages in Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. HOAF also aided in relief during the conflict between Zambia and Tanzania. Ian Maxwell, National Geographic photographer and reporter, joined House

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Cusco, Peru Mission

Cusco, Peru Mission HOAF traveled to Cusco, Peru to provide school supplies and toys for children in a rural valley in the Andes. The school was one building with 2 rooms where one room taught Spanish and other taught Quechua (native Incan language). Children came to learn at different times of day based on their

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Sacred Valley Lima Peru Mission

Sacred Valley & Lima, Peru Mission HOAF connected with an orphanage in Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru. HOAF provided aid to help with education, clothing, food, shelter, and more for the orphans. HOAF visits Ninos del Sol Orphanage in Sacred Valley, Peru. Over the years, HOAF has provided aid to several different private orphanages in Peru.

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Greece Mission

Greece Mission HOAF traveled to Greece to connect with the overwhelming number of Syrian Refugees escaping conflict in their homeland. HOAF connected with Smile of a Child in Athens, Greece. HOAF provided food, clothing, medical supplies, toys, and a deep connection of healing with the beautiful children.

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