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Help children thrive through self-love, mental health,
and spiritual well-being

How We Are Creating Hope Change Healing Awakening

House of Angels uplifts children, empowering them to overcome significant obstacles, reach their potential, and thrive. Through our camps and wellness centers, children learn to overcome problems prevalent in modern society such as stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, negative thinking, limited self-perception, low self-esteem, and thoughts or acts of self-harming. Our programs offer children insights into their potential and provide them with tools to navigate the challenges they face and to reconnect with nature and the divine. 

Sanctuary Camps

Skill building for children

Wellness Centers

Counseling & Meditation

House of Angels helps children across the globe in dire circumstances such as victims of sex trafficking, orphans, and refugees. 

International Programs

Healing Around the World

Who we serve

House of Angels embraces all children. This ranges from children who see seek  answers to life’s bigger questions, to those who don’t easily comply with social structures and expectations and to those who may face obstacles related to mental health, low self-esteem or circumstances their born into. We also support children gifted with intuitive skills and experiencing spiritual awakenings. 

Mission Statement

Be a living angel so people can see that God lives through our healing hands and donations. Thank you!

Minister Shaman

Spiritual Minister & Founder

Our Minister is the inspired founder of House of Angels. Humble and dedicated, she works tirelessly for positive transformation in the tradition of her teachers including Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. She uses her intuitive gifts to help people of all walks of life overcome obstacles to find balance and meaning in life. Through our Minister’s insights, children are immediately understood on a deeper, spiritual level and connection is quickly established.

“From an early age, my teachers inspired me to spread God’s love. Through House of Angels, we’re helping children reconnect to source, themselves, and nature. Through reconnecting, they will be filled with such joy that it’ll be contagious and create a huge light across the globe!”


We’re extremely grateful for our donors and their contributions that allow us to offer our transformative programs. Contributions at all levels to support House of Angels are welcome. However, to achieve our mission of helping children reconnect with themselves, Source and nature, we need contributions of significant scale. Beyond our current operations, our dream is to overcome suffering in as many places as possible across the globe.

Will you Be An Angel and help us spread and grow our light across the globe?

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