House of Angels Foundation

Be An Angel

From an early age, my teachers inspired me to spread God's love. Through House of Angels, we're helping children reconnect to source, themselves, and nature. Through reconnecting, they will be filled with such joy that it'll be contagious and create a huge light across the globe!

We’re extremely grateful for our donors and their contributions that allow us to offer our transformative programs. Contributions at all levels to support House of Angels are welcome. However, to achieve our mission of helping children reconnect with themselves, Source and nature, we need contributions of significant scale. Beyond our current operations, our dream is to overcome suffering in as many places as possible across the globe. Will you Be An Angel and help us spread and grow our light across the globe? Donate above or if you’re ready to Be An Angel at a sustaining donor level (US$500,000 or more) please contact Recognized or anonymous gifts are welcome.